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Typhon Kinetic Lift

The Typhon Kinetic Lift is the ideal solution for disinfecting large and tall spaces efficiently, effectively, and reliably. The Typhon Kinetic Lift houses the Typhon Fixed Pod attached to a proprietary RibbonLift. The Typhon Fixed Pod utilizes six Typhon fixtures with high output UV-C radiators. The RibbonLift attachment allows the Typhon Fixed Pos to be adjusted to an optimum for disinfection. after disinfection, the Typhon Fixed Pod recesses into a stored position up in the ceiling. The Typhon Pod Cover allows for branding opportunities, either for your business or as a way to generate ad revenue through sponsors. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Typhon Kinetic Lift is equipped to disinfect any space, no matter the size.

Kinetic Pod

  • Kinetic lift with UV-C lighting and optional LED house lighting. Drop lengths of 15’ to 100’.
  • Controllable through DMX, Artnet, and other options
  • Movement speeds vary by length of lift.
  • Nemesis Pod System includes:
    • Lift system
    • 6 selected UV-C fixtures
    • DMX control
    • Power & data cable
    • Cable reel
  • Optional LED house/work light available
  • RibbonLift attachment
  • ADA compliant audible/visual alerts