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Pre-Rigged James Thomas Engineering Super 8’ Truss

James Thomas Engineering’s Supertruss design provides a competitively strong and lightweight supertruss for every need. We provide supertrusses ranging from smaller super-lite trusses, ideal for small venue work, to our pre-rigged, super mega and folding supertruss systems, the work horses of tours and larger venues.

James Thomas Engineering’s trusses are strong and durable, providing an array of applications. The Thomas truss is designed for the short to very long spans and heavy loading requirements asked of the entertainment industry. Our super-lite trusses are great for exhibitions and conferences, while our super-mega trusses are best suited for larger load bearing set ups, for instance truss roofs.

Every supertruss system is designed with ease of use and maximum work load in mind. Our folding supertruss systems are quick to set up and easily compact for improved storage and moving. Indeed 40 feet of folding truss requires about the same space as 1 – 10 foot section of 20.5 inch Supertruss. The pre-rigged supertrusses design features casters for mobility, removable guide rod support gates for ease of installing and removing pre-rigged or standard lighting bars. Within a matter of a few minutes stage lights are easily brought to operating position or returned to the rigging, making lighting set up and storage quicker and more efficient.

The Thomas supertruss design systems are perfect for your next event, whether you require a more intricate set up, complete with truss roof design, or general truss design for a small event or exhibition. Contact us for more information or to place an order.