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Lycian 1238

The Lycian Superclub 1238 Followspot has a dual control variable focal length. As the beam diameter is reduced the intensity is increased. Has a nichrome heavy-duty iris and rear-controlled horizontal shutter. The iris and shutters fitted with insulated knobs.

The luminaire shall be a 360 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only a FLE 360 watt 82 volt quartz MR16 lamp. A dual control variable focal length optical system shall be provided. As the beam diameter is reduced the intensity is increased. A nichrome heavy-duty iris and rear controlled horizontal shutter shall also be included. The iris and shutters shall be fitted with insulated knobs. 0 nly optical grade lenses shall be provided. Rapid lamp access shall be via a rear door. The lamp and color boomerang shall be cooled by a quietly operating fan. Power to the lamp shall be provided by a heavy-duty transformer; diodes shall not be acceptable. The unit also shall include an “on/off” rocker-type switch and a line cord terminated in a NEMA-5-15P (15 amp parallel blade U-ground male.) The Super Clubspot shall contain a seven lever – six color plus dowser internal color boomerang. An extended front mounted boomerang shall not be acceptable. Current draw at 120 volts AC shall not exceed 4.5 amperes. The housing shall be constructed of cold rolled steel and extruded aluminium and finished with a powder coated wrinkle finish. Housing dimensions shall not exceed 353/4″(L) x 16″( H) x 14″(W), including all controls. Net weight of the housing shall not exceed 49 Ibs. The floor stand shall be of the three legged type, with locking casters, not to exceed 12 Ibs. Photometric data shall conform to the table provided. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting Super Clubspot Model 1238.