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Installation for School/Office/Medical Package

Complete UV-C Install Solution – Take Revenge! The  Hydra Drop Ceiling UV-C 2.4 is the ideal UV-C solution for any space. A total package in a 2×4 space. With UV-C light and LED generic lighting, the Hydra DC UV-C 2.4 fits seamlessly into your existing system and disinfects reliably through our photometric design and study. The optional 24/7 air filtration system allows for constant disinfection.

Hydra DC UV-C 2.4

  • Hybrid 2×4 Drop Ceiling Figure with:
    • UV-C disinfection
    • LED house light
    • Motion sensor for automatic shutoff
    • Audible/Visual alarm during disinfection
    • Timed setting for total, reliable, UV-C disinfection
    • Hydra UV-C technology ensures efficacy and efficiency
    • Optional Wi-Fi and RF key control available

Hydra DC Air Extreme 2.4

  • Hydra DC + 24/7 UV-C Air Filtration
    • 300+ Cubic feet of air per minute
    • In a 2800 cubic foot space, the air is circulated 6 times an hour
    • Optional Wi-Fi and RF key control available