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CITC Star Hazer

The new StarHazer II has DMX on-board, superior insulation for whisper quiet operation, cycle/direct/remote operation, double the output of the previous StarHazer, a Seven Filter System, and a Dual Opening for far and wide coverage. It also has a convenient 5-pin XLR “In” and “Send” feature for setting up other units on the same DMX line. Also included is the 25' remote control featuring buttons which allow either manual “on” and “off” operation, or “timed” operation of 0-60 seconds “on” or 0-4 minutes “off”.

  • Direct/Manual operation switch
  • Operate without remote or DMX
  • Dual vane higher distance output
  • Protected control panel
  • Dual fans 2 x output
  • Dual easy clean filters
  • Quiet operation insulation
  • Added relays for higher performance
  • Shock absorbing stand-off's
  • Baffled air circulation
  • Up angled vane output-quick haze