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Airwall Hangers

Since the inception of the operable Air Wall industry, a need has existed to utilize overhead track systems as a means to support lighting, sound, video, displays, and other equipment. Until now, liability issues and risk of damage to the track and ceiling have drastically restricted such possibilities.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., the U.S. patented (7958684) TITAN Airwall Hangers™ product line is uniquely designed and engineered to fit operable wall track systems, applying the load to the track where the track is designed to be loaded. Each TITAN model is engineered with the strengths and limitations of the air wall track in mind so that when properly utlized, the track is not overloaded.

Using the Titan Airwall Hangers™, along with eye nuts and/or C-Clamps (sold separately), you can easily and safely hang a wide array of audio visual equipment, including speakers, projectors, lights, truss, cable picks, and screens.

Need to hang a banner but don’t want to damage the ceiling? Use the Titan Airwall Hangers™ with eye nuts to easily and cleanly hang your sign in the middle of the room.

As project manager or an event planner, being flexible is always key. The TITAN Airwall Hangers™ product line allows you the flexibility to hang equipment in strategic locations along the air wall track. For a dance you may want more speakers, while a presentation you may want more lighting or screens. With TITAN Airwall Hangers™ you will have the flexibility to use the same cost effective tool for multiple applications.


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