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1/2 ton Stagemaker Motor

STAGEMAKER COMPACT concert hoists run double duty for both concert staging and theatrical productions. R and M designed them to be small enough to fit into truss structures, quiet enough to run during theatrical performances, lightweight and durable enough for rigorous touring, and strong and accurate enough to position speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, and sceneries. R and M continuously consults entertainment industry professionals on what they need from their staging equipment and how best to improve the STAGEMAKER COMPACT line. The results have led to such features as a planetary gearbox utilizing grease lubricated precision gearing, which gives STAGEMAKER COMPACT hoists an average dB rating of less than 75dB; a large integral steel panel encasing all electrical components while giving you both easy access for maintenance and room for modifications; a heat treated load wheel with five full pockets to both minimize chain stress and ensure smooth operation; a chain guide to prevent the grade 80 black load chain from jamming no matter what position the hoist is in; a body of pressure-molded aluminum, which reduces the hoist?s weight; heat sink ribs on the motor body for heat dissipation that lets you perform up to 240 starts per hour; folding handles for easy transport; 80-micron dark epoxy paint for added protection. Because of these features, STAGEMAKER COMPACT hoists are great basic workhorse chain motor hoists for everyday staging work.