Toucan Production About Us

The ‘80s were an amazing time…

Among the fascinating things the decade offered us, like hair bands and legendary music, Toucan Productions came into existence! It was the perfect culmination of passion and opportunity.

In 1985, a young, teenage Robin Alvis was rocking in the band, Ibex, performing by night and storing the band’s show equipment in his parents’ garage by day. Recognizing a business opportunity, Robin also rented out the band’s staging and lighting during down time – thus, Toucan Productions was born. As the years rolled on, Robin acquired more equipment, and in turn, began focusing more on putting on killer shows for others and less on his own.

Misty Myers joined Toucan in 1991, just as the new decade was taking root.  Her entrance into the business was marked with growth. Toucan moved into a more legitimate warehouse space and also added several more full-time team members. Their small business was beginning to explode, so in 2008, Toucan purchased a 50,000 square-foot warehouse near downtown OKC. With 25 full-time employees, a massive inventory, and over 1,000 annual bookings, they are now the largest provider of lighting, staging and sound in Oklahoma and one of the largest in the Southwest.

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