Need A Stage For Your Show?

Are you looking for a stage for your next event?

We have many clients who often need to put together a show, and there really isn’t a venue that will work for their particular concert.

Sometimes they need to have a live show or event where there is not the typical stage and venue setup that will accommodate their needs.

Or there might be a situation where they have this huge outdoor area that is perfect, only there is no stage for a live band.

This is where the Mobile Stage comes in.

So what exactly is a Mobile Stage? Well glad you asked. As it’s name implies, a Mobile Stage is a stage that can be moved to any location.

Stageline-SL-100-wtruckThe way it works is like this, the Mobile Stage folds up like a transformer, and turns into something that looks like the back end that a semi-truck would pull.

In fact, when you first glance at the mobile stage when it is hooked up to the truck, looks like a regular semi truck pulling it’s cargo.

However, once the truck reaches it’s destination, the real magic begins.

The Mobile Stage opens up into this amazing concert stage that can hold speakers, lights, rigging, etc and comes complete with a generator to power all your live sound and lights.

Enter the Stageline SL 100.

Toucan Productions is the ultimate production company that has everything you will ever need for you live show.

Toucan carries the Stageline Mobile Stage and can also create the perfect live show by using the sound and light show that goes with it.

Toucan will take care of all the details when you need a mobile stage for your live concert.


Stageline-SL-100-openThis is what the stage looks like once it is opened up.

The roof part will rise alot higher than you see in this photo and you can add many extra amenities including lights, speakers, monitors etc.

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